Sugar Toes

left foot

In Chinese medicine, bunions are referred to as Sugar Toes. This is because the bunion grows at the meridian that is responsible for sugar metabolism. This meridian is called the Foot Taiyin, or Spleen meridian. It starts at the big toe, runs up the medial side of foot and leg, until the torso. A few of the conditions that are treated along this meridian are digestive issues, diabetes, intestinal disorders, edema, and even bruising.

Sugar toes aren’t particularly comfortable so I just started treating them on myself. Here’s what I use.

  1. Needles. I needle approximately the areas of SP-2 and SP-3, determined by sensitivity.

  2. Ointment. Zheng gu shui is often used for injuries, tendinitis, and to strengthen connective tissue. It increases blood flow to the area and alleviates pain. I put some on a cotton ball and let it sit on my foot for 20 or 30 minutes.

  3. Moxa. I either burn 7 threads of moxa or use a tiger warmer in the area.

All these things should be done every day. That’s a lot, even for someone who has access to needles and moxa at home. Fortunately, the Zheng gu shui is very effective at relieving pain and can be purchased for patients to use on their own. Biweekly acupuncture treatments with use of the ointment every day should provide good relief for sugar toes.

If you’d like help getting this started, contact our clinic.

Bottle of zheng gu shui

Bottle of zheng gu shui